Internship/Training Categories


Available Internship and Training Categories are as follows:

■ Arts and Culture
■ Information Media and Communications
■ Management, Business, Commerce, and Finance
■ The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, mathematics, and Industrial Occupation
■ Hospitality and Tourism
■ Public Administration and Law

Most Popular training fields are as follows:
■ Business Administration
■ Marketing, PR, Advertising
■ Finance, Accounting, Economics
■ IT
■ Travel/Tourism
■ Graphic Design, Web Design
■ International Trade & Logistics
■ Architecture, Interior Design
■ Law
■ Hospitality / Hotel Management

Interns and Trainees cannot be placed in positions that require more than 20 percent clerical or office support work. Use of the Exchange Visitor Program for ordinary employment or work purposes is strictly prohibited. Interns/Trainees also may not be placed in positions, which are filled or would be filled by full-time or part-time employees. Also, the training cannot duplicate a trainee participant’s prior work experience or training.