Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is a J-1 Visa?

A. The J-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued through the Exchange Visitor Program. Entry into the U.S. as a participant in the Exchange Visitor Program is granted with the understanding that participants will complete the objectives of their program category.

Q. When are Interns/Trainees available?

A. Interns/Trainees may begin training any day of the year.

Q. How long can Interns/Trainees stay at my company?

A. Interns can stay for up to 12 months, and Trainees can stay up to 18 months (12 months for Hospitality and Tourism).

Q. In which industries does IGE specialize?

A. We have participants in a variety of fields including: Accounting, Advertising, Arts Administration, Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing & Sales, Management, Public Law & Administration, and Public Relations.

Q. I know someone overseas whom I would like to have an Intern. What is the next step?

A. Please contact IGE and we will be able to assist you with the application process.

Q. Are Interns/Trainees required to pay taxes?

A. Participants on a J-1 Visa are considered nonresident aliens. They should not have Social Security (FICA), Medicare or federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes withheld. Please consult a tax professional to find out if participants are exempt from state unemployment taxes in your state. For more detailed tax information, please review the IRS’s Employer Tax Guide and Publication 515 at

Q. What is required in the Training Intern Placement Plan?

A. The plan should include a detailed outline of exactly what Exchange Visitor program involves, including specific departmental rotations and/or program phases. There should be a rotation or phase for every 3-4 months of training, and a new page should be included in the training plan for each rotation/phase.

Q. Can Interns/Trainees have more than one job?

A. No, per the visa regulations, Interns/Trainee are not allowed to have second jobs. If trained by you, they will only be permitted to have a training at your company.

Q. What if I want to have additional Interns/Trainees for my company?

A. We can help you look for additional Interns/Trainees. Please contact us.

Q. What level of support does IGE offer during the intern process?

A. IGE offers full support throughout the entire program to both host companies and Interns/Trainees. You can call or email us at any time with any questions you may have regarding the program.