Hosting International Intern/Trainee

Hosting International Interns/Trainees

In order to host a J-1 Intern or Trainee, your organization must provide a practical structured training to the participant(s) and the following:

Training facility and equipment :

Participants must have access to a training facility and to the necessary equipment, according to the proposed position.

Support :                                            

Participants must have access to professional supervision, guidance and support throughout the program.

Orientation :                                    

Participants must receive full orientation regarding the company’s business and trainee’s duties and responsibilities involved in the proposed position.

Cultural Experience :                                    

Participants must have American culture experience while in program. The J1 Intern/Trainee program is a cultural exchange program which one of the missions is to increase understanding of American culture & Society, and enhance Americans’ knowledge of foreign skills tough an open interchange of ideas.

Program Objective

The purpose of the J1 Intern and Trainee Program is to promote cultural exchange while enhancing the skills and expertise of university students and young professionals in their academic or occupational fields for professional development, and to improve the participants’ knowledge of American techniques, methodologies, and expertise.

The J-1 Training and Internship programs are also intended to increase participants’ understanding of American culture and society and to enhance Americans’ knowledge of foreign cultures and skills through an open exchange of ideas between the participants and their American associates.

Upon program completion, participants will return to their home countries; their participation in this program is expected to polish their skills and knowledge and therefore open many career opportunities back home.