J1 Intern and Trainee Program Overview

The J-1 Intern and Trainee program allows students and young professionals the opportunity to receive career training in the United States.

Host Employer Eligibility
Host employers must be eligible to participate in this program. IGE must ensure host employers are legitimate organizations that are willing to abide by the rules and regulations governing this program.
In addition, organizations with fewer than 25 employees or less than $3 million dollars in annual revenue are subject to a site visit, conducted by an J1 sponsor representative.

 Employers should be aware that they must also supply a Federal Employer Identification Number, and verification of a valid Workers’ Compensation Policy.

J-1 Visa Sponsorship Program

The J1 Intern and Trainee Programs are sponsored by  the J-1 sponsor organizations. 

International Training Placement Program

If an employer is seeking qualified applicants from abroad, we can provide assistance in finding Trainees. IGE identifies potential applicants and coordinates interviews between applicants and employers.
Upon a successful match, IGE sponsors the J-1 Visa for the duration of the program and provides assistance in preparing all necessary documentation.